Monday, July 8, 2013

Update: July Reviews, Ranked, and Hello Russia!

First of all, hello reader! It’s been a whil..ok it’s been a week but still hi! I would first like to say thank you to the 100 and so people who have checked out this blog. I really thought no one was going to look at it for a second but knowing that 108 people have is awesome. I love it though that this week alone most of the traffic from this blog is from Russia. I just find that amazing. Hello anyone from Russia who is reading this! I know nothing about Russia honestly, but I do know that it is the largest country in the world, that the first man to journey into space hailed from there, that Saint Basil’s Cathedral is there, and that Tilda Swinton was/is currently there. That’s good enough for now!

So I am here to update anyone who wants to know about what I am currently working on and what will be posted over the month. If you don’t really care or are new to my blog, then scroll down and read some of my reviews and ignore this. But if you do want to know, then sit back and enjoy my ramblings.

I am currently aiming for about 6 more reviews this month. Right now, here are the film’s I am hoping to review Looper, Spring Breakers, Billy Madison, Con Air, The Place Beyond The Pines, and The Prestige. Looper is the next one that will be up. It will be up sometime this week, along with possibly my review of Spring Breakers and a ranking of the Pixar films I have seen (which I’ll talk about in a moment.) Along with those 6, I am probably going to see a movie in the near future so a review of either Despicable Me 2 (ugh) or Grown Ups 2 (infinity ugh) will be up when I see it. Also, as I will say in my Looper review, I attempted to watch The Three Musketeers from 2011 and I, to put it lightly, could not go through another hour and a half of torture, but I will attempt to watch it again and get through so that I can review it. The other 5 films that I will hopefully see and review that I probably won’t get to until they come out on DVD or, in the best case, August are Pacific Rim, The Heat, World War Z, R.I.P.D, and The To-Do List but if I do get to them, they will also be up.

Now, I am also staring another thing besides my movie reviews. I will start doing a little thing called Ranked where I will be ranking the films of a certain actor, actress, director, or studio from best to worst (at least the ones I have seen.) My first one, which will be about Pixar, will be up sometime after my Looper and/or my Spring Breakers review so hopefully you will check it out when it arrives.

gain, thank you for reading, I really appreciate it. Hopefully you keep reading and enjoying my reviews. Also, if you want, request some movies for me to review, that would be great! Thanks for sticking around through this update and I hope to see you back soon. Bye!

~Indie Princess

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